Friday, April 29, 2011

Yay!!! It's Friday again.... I'm lovin it :)

Sunyi mepi upis ditu, urang nya ditu nyau raun ke menoa malaya....Tinggal kami ke keja kuntrik ke enda..laban ukai ahli kelab sob sob... tang sapa ti ka enggau nya, tau. Nambang kediri..munyi ko jako ngelalama tok...duit ke ditanya..he... bisi sekeda terebai pagi tadi, sekeda terebai malam legik. Enda jenak kini sida tinduk malam tadi, ati gagit ka raun. (ngasai kediri...ngeee)

Baru ka nunduk kediri aku dah pulai tea break (9.30am - 10.00am), pansut meh tudah boss aku...

Bos: Monaaaaa, kalau semua org tak ada nanti, u pun tak payah la datang.....
Aku: huh???? (bebegap ninga bos munyi nya)
Bos: Saya lasa tiada olang nanti, semua pegi miri mao telebang...

amai gak flite kul 7 lemai, kul 4 udah sedia nurun ari tok..nemu2 meh air asia ukai nya tau laun..enda alah cuma2 tiket angus..nyabak bala keda.... he

Aku: okay la boss (sigi te ka ajak.....sekerat isi..hahaha )

Tumu pagi tadi bakanya gak bos aku,

Boss: Monaa...dibuh ngaga Payment Voucher d saritok...diau aja....
Aku: Okay.......... (laban te sibuk meda tiket belun sambil nya angan2 gak terebai..)

Appoooo.....bisi nemu bos ngemanah nya kitak?? amai te berkat amai pengidup ku...Terima kasih Tuhan.... taja pen gaji mit, tang ati senang lantang... (utang enda alah kira) Suba ti malam ari minggu, sigi stress blama ngenang diri ke ka keja ari satu.... agik ka ujung minggu. Diatu nadai asai keja ke, enda keja... Masa mayuh meh begulai ngau family. Nganti anak udah umur setaun lebih ila nya baru ya begiga keja ba kompeni, ari satu sampai ari 6 keja.... Yeezzzzaaaa!!!

Diatu ku enjoy dulu. That's enough for me Dear God... Thank you so much!

God bless my boss mr. wong... God bless you and me too! :)

Cheers! xoxo

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Look, how much God love me! Yesterday, after receiving sms from someone who hurt me so much before, I was thinking how would I forgive him after so much he done to me and my family, I couldn't find another reason for me to forgive him. I'm was stuck in this situation.THE FORGIVENESS! :( I'm keep pray and pray to God.... Help me to find out the answer, the solutions.... and God answer my prayer by this: -

Today when I log in to my Twitter, coincidental PastorYPJ talked about the same thing, FORGIVENESS!

"Look upon mine affliction & my pain; & forgive all my sins." -Psalms 25:18 God is gracious & He's ready 2forgive you. :-)
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Today forgive the person that will offend you the most, do the most harm, & inevitably frustrate you the greatest... Yourself.
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Matt6:14,15 "If u 4give ppl of their offenses God will 4give u of yours, but if u don't forgive offenses, God won't forgive yours either."
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The day you no longer need God to forgive you, is the day you can hold grudges... until then... Forgive.
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"I'm sorry" must be more than a momentary regret. It really means, "I'll strive 2never intentionally do that again." Are you really sorry?
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Some hold others offenses against them for future leverage. That's not Christ Like. Let it go. Let them make new mistakes! :-)
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Where as the act of redemption must carried out by the offender, it must also be allowed by the offended. Are you letting them make it up?
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Sometimes it feels like it's killing us to forgive people. Jesus understands... It KILLED Him to forgive people too.
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Forgiveness allows the offender the chance 4redemption in your life, or kindly removes them from it but either way doesn't hold the offense.
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How can you say you forGIVE them if you keep taking it back?
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Even it doesnt change me immediately, but God love is work on me. God guide me thru PastorYPJ messages.

Father, thanks you so much for things unseen and seen, that You have done for me. I know You, my God are there guiding me back to Your loving arms. I'm thankful for for the decisions that You allow me to make and the lessons that come from these decisions. Lord, words do not express my thankfulness. For Your mighty power is at work in me, transforming me, renewing my mind. To You Lord belong thanks eternal. In Jesus name, Amen..

Saturday, April 23, 2011

For all you've done

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ten Month

Happy 10months baby MEC! There is two more months to go for your 1st birthday! I haven't decide his birthday theme. Mickey mouse? 1malaysia? Barney? Will talk about that later, okay?... I’m thankful to say that he is still the HAPPIEST baby I have ever known! So full of JOY and LAUGHTER! And the cutest thing there ever was:)

He started to says "mammmm mammmmmm" when he saw we are preparing porridge for him. He is very excited and can't wait patiencely. Even put down the plate of porridge, he will cried out loud! He love porridge so much! Sometimes he show interest what we ate but when we share some with him, he will eat "carefully" either suite his taste or not. If yes, he will ask for more, if not, he will immediately throw out. A bit picky about any food, banana reject, dragon fruit reject, manggo, yess! Junk food? Yess! I guess he dont like if the food is sour or tasteless! If the foods is salty or sweet mostly he can accept..So, how I'm going to cope with this?? "sigh"

He now be able to seat by his own and sometimes kneeling, Not all the time, he enjoy "skating" with his baby walker, so we had to put him down on the floor, so he can crawling around, checking out his surroundings, explore things and picking up small things (misi cari harta karun) then try put it inside his mouth. He can also pull himself up to standing using any piece of furniture and try to climb on it. He’s hearing “no” a lot these days. No no no, No....

A clingy baby boy, can't leave him alone in the middle room otherwise he will cry out loud, looking you around and stopped immediately then give you a big smile when he know that you doesn't go anywhere. This is hard, when grandma need to prepare lunch, either put he on sleep or bring him along to the kitchen. He "helps" a lot too! He took all the cooking stufs and hit it to one another or bang it to the I can hear the "kang kang kong kong kang kang" sounds when I came back from work at lunch time. He enjoy the noises he makes. :D

He a bit friendly to the kids but not the adult. When someone wanted to say hi to him, he will get shy and hide his face. Notty totty boy, will get shy?? He need to take some plenty of time, to show off his true color to the aldut.

He got 8 teeth coming out in the month. 6 from the top, and another 2 more from the bottom which I just noticed by yesterday night. and now he total have 10 teeth at 10 month! He love to scream out, baby talk too much which only he could understands and play "catch me if you can".. He do cry to communicate his displeasure.. . For example, he saw tv remote control in my hand, he will scream and cry real tears until I pass to him the remote. He know what he want and very upsetting when he can't get it.
Moral: Don't buy any toys in front of him, or ask him what he want if you go to the shops otherwise he will ask everytime you go to the shops" "kang bankrupt kita" hehehe....

He know how to claps his hand, waving his hand when you say "bye-bye" or listened to any kind of muzik. He love watching Mickey Mouse clubhouse, Barney and friends any kind of cartoon which had singing parts, he can concentrate watched from start till end.

He thinks that dogs, cats, a hen is funny. He just laughing if any one all this animal passing by. I have no idea what is so funny with them.. a sign of Pet Lover? hmmmmn...

I found myself less and less taking photos of him. Taking photos and videos of him is tricky because he see the camera and want to grab it. But I manage to taking some photos of him. Here we go: -

My precious gift.....God Bless you.... :)

For the first time he felt sands with his tiny toes......

He enjoyed the sands.....

Muka "kakut" (takut)...... Kakut with playground.... I'm sure you will love it....

Before bedtime.....

Ok, that all for now.....It's lunch time..... Xoxo

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bubuk Attack!!!

Let me share with all of you some pictures of Bubuk, now on SALES at Bekenu Tamu..

Monday, April 18, 2011

Mommy, I help you.... :p

MEC at church

At church yesterday morning....

Friday, April 15, 2011


I always, ask God to wait for me. "Not now God, wait until I have a good job, wait for me when I had a stable life, wait until I have a family, a kids around...wait and wait..."

There is no more waiting list.....


Put our problems in God hands, He puts His peace in our hearts.

Thanks God. Sending a meaningful messages through super duper gorgeous sister in God...... God Bless all of you!

Happy Weekend and Happy Palm Sunday!


Lead Me To The Cross-Hillsong

Father, I need your guidance. Lead me to the right path... In Jesus name, I believe..Amen...

Monday, April 11, 2011

In Christ Alone

Would like to share with all of you this song which I listened at church last Sunday.

MEC last week

Back dated story, MEC get this when he tried to stand by himself in the bathtub. His cheek was "lebam". :(

Friday, April 8, 2011

Ari 5

Nama berita kitak pagi tok wai? Andal ati tudah saritok ka ke Mihi *baka ke ka kini munyi neh, nyamai ka ngaga ke ati kami tok waiiiii* laban ka ngau urg sembiang ke rumah baru. Bendar kami sebilik nuruk urg port bless rumah. 3 minggu beturut sema jako. Saritok rumah menyadi indai aku ke diau ba Sibu. Udah pencen, pulai kitu, "sitil daun" ba menoa diri, udah ke diau ba Sibu selama 20 taun lebih..nyah, enda sinu ninggal ke menoa Sibu, laban udah lama diau ba din deh. Sekali pagi tok memunyi meh tepun, ari rumah panjai..ati tok te enda nyamai amai ti ninga urg rmh panjai tepun tumu2 pagi...bah, nama utai deh??? Bisi kami serumah udah "passss awey"...akaidaiiii......... alu meh kinsil perugerim kami ke ka ke Mihi... pulai ke rumah panjai meh kami tok legik, nganti udah keja lemai legik. Kebuah ya tok mutus ke seput, enda nemu gak aku. Kira ke ngenyit meh nya. Besampi ke sida sebilik meh kitai....May his soul rest in peacee..amen..

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Pama meh...kami ditu bisi dberi urang kampung wifi...preeee ajak u...anang jeles.... hahaha.. Line ya laju gak....Bisi udah mendua ari tok...Arap ke meruan lama meh utai preee ketok..hehee bisi gak kena bejegau sebelah cyber... TQ TQ.....